What game is this?

While visiting Thailand in 2006, I photographed some men engaged in what looks like a version of checkers, though the playing style seems different. Perhaps someone can help answer the question as to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

Sunset in the outback. After living in Japan for a long time, where cities and mountains prevent a clear view, the sense of endlessness we found in Coober Pedy was incredible. We felt… Continue reading

Where Next Australia: Busy Brissie Day Trips Part 2

Between the twin city sprawls of Brisbane and the Gold Coast, there is rainforested range called Mt Tambourine, dotted with little cafes, hiking trails and spots to stop and just admire the view.… Continue reading

Where Next Australia: Busy Brissie Day Trips Part 1

Brisbane and the Gold Coast provide a lot of choice for travellers to spend their time and money. There are numerous theme parks, beaches, shopping, cafes and restaurants, and casinos. But what about… Continue reading

How We Do It Down Under: Christmas

This is what December means to Australians: beach cricket, bare chests, beer, BBQs, and hot, humid summer days. How can Christmas be really enjoyed at any other time than summer? I have done… Continue reading